A jungle full of Chameleons...

Breeding babies incoming for holders of both S1 & S2 NFT

Get your chameleons ONLY on secondary market now !

What are the SolChamies ?

SolChamies are a unique collection of 3D generated Chameleons, living in the deepest jungles, rainforests, and deserts of the Solana universe...


Chamies supply


Mint Date

0.5 SOL

Minting price

A community-driven project !

The SolChamies project will focus on developing our community, as we wish to bring as much value as we can to the world of NFTs. Many decisions will be taken after asking for the Chamies opinion, through polls on our different medias. A ChamiesDAO will also be discussed with the team for the future Seasons of the project !

5% of the total minted supply will directly be donated to a Charity of your choice (Animal Protection Association) ! (#polls on Discord)

Create your Chamies family !

SOLChamies is a long-term project, in which holders will be thanked through giveaways, whitelists and airdrops for the future Seasons. The Season 1 will focus on dropping 1,111 Male Chamies, with different levels of rarity.

Female Chamies will be dropped during Season 2, and holders of a Male & Female couple will be eligible for the Babies airdrop on Season 3 ! (a snapshot will be taken)

This project being developed on the long-term, we are already preparing exciting things for holders of a complete Chamies Family (Male, Female and Baby) 👀

The future...

Once the 3 Seasons have been released, it'll be your turn !

A Play2Earn Game will be discussed with the community, and new equipments will be available on our own marketplace once the game is released !

Families holders will start the game with greater ratios in teamfights, so you better be holding on every Chamies of every Season !

The future of the project will also be possible thanks to the fees, that'll allow us to develop our team and our projects !


Our Roadmap

Discover our complete roadmap, split into different phases

Phase_1 ✅

  • Launch the website
  • Launch our social medias (Twitter,Discord)
  • Growing our audience on these medias
  • Send our applications for secondary markets and get verified on these platforms for the Mint Date
  • Phase_2 ⏳ [PRE-LAUNCH]

  • Start Twitter giveaways (receiving free Chamies after the mint)
  • Twitter and Discord competitions
  • Start sponsoring tweets
  • Organize AMAs on Discord
  • Partner up with other great and ambitious projects
  • Let the Chamies community vote and decide to which Association the donation should go to
  • Announcing the Mint Day ! [20 Nov at 5PM UTC]
  • Phase_3 ⏳ [LAUNCH]

  • Mint Day ! 🎆🎇 Releasing 305 MALE Chamies !
  • 🚨 Minting trough another link 🚨
  • The donation will immediately be sent to the chosen Association
  • Sending their free Chamies to winners and whitelisted members of previous Phases
  • Listing on the marketplace chosen by the community
  • Phase_4 ⏳ [SEASON 2]

  • A Snapshot of Chamies holders will be taken and 250 000 $CHAM coin will airdrop to holders every week !
  • Work on Chamies Season 2, launching 305 FEMALE Chamies !
  • Holders of a S1 MALE and S2 FEMALE will be eligible to airdrops and breeding
  • Phase_5 ⏳ [SEASON 3]

  • Launching the breeding system for Baby Chamies !
  • Breeding will only be possible for holders of an S1 Male & S2 Female + $CHAM tokens (delisted !)
  • Breeding is only possible once per couple !
  • Game development
  • Phase_6 ⏳ [FUTURE...]

  • Play in the game with your chameleons and Earn some $CHAM
  • Future ideas to be determined and voted with the community... 👀
  • Discord

    Our Team

    Discover who's hiding behind the project: our Chamies team !


    Community Manager


    Graphic Designer


    Blockchain Expert

    Agason, voice of the community !

    A young community manager, who joined the team after discovering the fabulous world of NFTs ! Working with the Chamies to create a crazy community that will follow the project on the long term. Making sure that every information is clear for new joiners, and answering all of your questions (come meet us on Discord and Twitter 😁) !

    I will also be the one in charge of the giveaways, whitelists, and projects with other NFT teams in this ecosystem (we're already working with some very serious projects on Discord & Twitter, and even more to come with surprises and giveaways 👀)...

    Ostralopi, the designer !

    Young graphic designer working with the team to create the best designs for the community ! Already working on Season 2 Female Chamies, and Season 3 Eggs and Babies (and maybe new things coming soon ? )

    Depending on the discussions with the community and their future decisions, I'll also be leading the team who'll work on the PLAY2EARN game, in which we'll add new equipments, stats, and designs.

    Make sure to hold your complete Chamies family throughout the seasons, maybe you'll get airdropped precious items for the future of the project.. 👀

    Kiriata, the Solana expert

    Software engineer fascinated by the crypto world, especially NFTs on the Solana ecosystem. Working on the technical aspects of the project.

    Developing the minting system, as well as the future needs of the project such as the Snapshot system, and the future collections of Chamies (Females and Babies !)

    Also working on the ChamiesDAO project, and will be leading the Play2Earn Game on the technical part 😁